Driving Instructors Adelaide

It’s absolutely fine to have the ‘Baby on Board’ or ‘L’ sign on your car, but until when? Get in touch with U Learn Driving School to learn to drive under expert supervision of our driving instructors in Adelaide. When you get on board with us, we assess and train you using the CBT&A method, which is highly effective and recognised by leading driving schools across the country.

Our goal is to develop confident and capable drivers with driving as their second nature. We respect your individuality and understand the fact that every individual learns at a different pace. We do not let go or relax until we are convinced of your skills in performing various manoeuvres at hand. That being said, each manoeuvre will only be signed off when you perform it to the desired level of competence.

Learn from The Best Driving Instructors in Adelaide

U Learn Driving School has the most experienced driving instructors on board to give you quality driving lessons that should not only help you pass the driving test but also make you a confident driver for the rest of your life.

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We also make sure that the same driving instructor assists you throughout your driving lessons so as to avoid confusion and conflict of methods.

Why U Learn’s Adelaide Driving Instructors are The Best?

Behind a series of successful driving lessons and a confident driver, there’s a driving instructor that worked hard and handled student’s tantrums and anxiety, patiently. Our Adelaide driving instructors are highly experienced and know how to turn even the most terrified beginners into confident drivers.

Call now to enrol for a demo driving lesson to get the hang of our service and training methods.

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What you can earn

It's entirely up to you how much you can earn. It depends on how many lessons a day you deliver and if you also want to be a DDC tutor. You do have some costs to consider: your U Learn Driving School licence fee, your car lease and running costs.

You'll find more information about all of this in this section. If you need to talk to to someone, call 0402 159 553

U Learn Driving School Instructors & Turors

There are also job opportunities for driving instructors to work for the U Learn Driving School, whether you have an I Endorsement or need to attend a course first. We also need tutors to deliver our defensive driving courses for students and experienced drivers.

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Why choose U Learn Driving School

  • Professional, Accredited Driving Instructor
  • Competitive Rates
  • Pick Up from School, Home or Work
  • 7 Days Per Week, all Hours
  • Patient and Friendly
  • Dual Controlled Car
  • Easy to Drive Automatic
  • City and Country Driving
  • International Conversions
  • VORT or CBT&A (log book)

U Learn Driving School in Adelaide, give Matthew a call on - 0402 159 553