U Learn Driving School is an Adelaide North East driving school focused on developing safe and confident drivers.

U Learn Driving School is a well established business based in Hillcrest in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide. The main purpose of the business is to provide high quality driving lessons for people learning to drive, and for students who can already drive, but need to obtain a South Australian car licence.

U Learn Driving School is owned and operated by Matthew Woodman who is an accredited driving instructor (Australia wide) and is also a South Australian Authorised Examiner for CBT&A (#C1962). This means that any students can be trained, assessed and signed off using the CBT&A method.

The goal is to train students to be confident and capable drivers who have formed good driving habits that become second nature. Every person is an individual and so everybody learns at a different pace. Each task will only be signed off when the student performs it to the appropriate level of competence.

Students are taught in a car with automatic transmission to minimise the number of lessons needed. However, for students who insist on learning in a manual car, we can still help, so please call us and you will be referred on to an instructor who has a manual car.

U Learn Driving School has a focus on learning to drive properly using the most up to date methods and keeping each student updated on their progress. Instructions are given clearly in English, and there is constant feedback, interaction and encouragement throughout each lesson.

As we are an Adelaide driving school, we are bound to understand and follow the Australian Road Rules, including the South Australian addendums. The road rules are taught in a practical way and students are shown how to drive in a logical way and comply with all rules.

When learning to drive in South Australia there are two main options: 1) Get some professional lessons, then do lots of practice and finally go for a test, known as the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT). During this 40 minute test the student must complete all 5 manoeuvres (stopping and securing the car, angle park, reverse parallel park, 3 point turn, U Turn in traffic), and approximately 25 minutes of driving in traffic without breaking any laws at all and must have their mirror checks, observations, and road craft correct 90% of the time. The VORT is usually very stressful and is only recommended for students who are already at a high standard and are confident.

Get Trained under Experienced Driving Instructors in Adelaide

The most common way taught by driving instructors Adelaide is the Competency Based Training & Assessment method (CBT&A). This is the most recommended approach as it covers everything from the absolute basics such as how to adjust the seat and mirrors, the correct start up procedure, through to all manoeuvres, turning in heaving traffic, difficult lane changes and country driving. One of the biggest advantages with this method is that the final assessment drive is conducted by the same instructor who has been assessing the student for all of their lessons, so there is less pressure. This also tends to produce the best drivers.

To find out more about U Learn Driving School in Adelaide, give Matthew a call on 0402 159 553

Why choose U Learn Driving School

  • Professional, Accredited Driving Instructor
  • Competitive Rates
  • Pick Up from School, Home or Work
  • 7 Days Per Week, all Hours
  • Patient and Friendly
  • Dual Controlled Car
  • Easy to Drive Automatic
  • City and Country Driving
  • International Conversions
  • VORT or CBT&A (log book)

U Learn Driving School in Adelaide, give Matthew a call on - 0402 159 553